Guaranteed Success

We guarantee that you'll pass the PTCB exam. is here to help you 24 hours a day. We have a 99% first time pass rate. In the unlikely event that you need to take the course again, we will continue to assist you until you pass, at no additional charge. In the unlikely event that a student feels she did not get enough study material from this website, I will loan as many pharmacy technician books from my personal collection as she needs to prepare for the PTCB exam, return postage prepaid. This agreement is in effect for a period of one year.


From Ruth ()
Dear Dr. Tom,

I am very satisfied with the Pharmacy Tech Program. Dr Tom left no stone unturned and he showed great patience with our questions even if he had already touched on the same subjects prior. I passed the exam last March in Nashville TN.


From Carolyn ()
Hi Tom,

Just a quick note to let you know I received my PTCB exam results. I got a great passing score even though I was not already working as a tech. So I guess I am official now. :-)

Thanks, Carolyn.

From Marie

I just wanted to let everyone know that the class offered through was wonderful. The instructor Tom King offered a lot of time and was very interested in devoting one-on-one attention to students. Also, he was very organized which helped me to focus my learning on relevant subjects and be able to differentiate amongst them. I highly recommend this instructor and class... without him I would not be certified!

From Gianni
Dear Tom,

I finally received my results today. I passed the exam by a good margin. You need to receive a 650 or better and I received 792. The point scale is 300-900. So I feel I did good. Thanks for the help. I appreciate your assistance and quick follow up to questions I had. Now I have a nice title.

Thanks again,

From Althea ()

I received my certification Friday.


From Joseph
Mr. King,

I passed the first time I took the exam! Thanks!

From Debbie

I received the results from my PTCB exam from March 10th's exam. I passed the exam thanks to you and your class. I was very impressed and greatful for your time and professional approach.

From Vibha
Hello Tom,

I Passed my PHARMACY TECHNICIAN EXAM. It was a great pleasure to see the Pharmacy Technician Certificate in the mail. Due to your great efforts, excellent web site, videoconference and your encouraging emails, I was able to make it happen. I am very glad and excited to see the CphT certificate in front of me. My scaled score is 667.

Thank you very much,

From Yogita
Hi Tom,

I was out of town for couple of days and the PTCB results have arrived. Now I am a "Certified Pharmacy Technician". Passing Score: 650 and my scaled score: 770. Range of total scaled score is 300-900. My scaled score in the following functions are: Assist Pharmacist in Serving Patients: 753 Maintain Med. inventory Control Systems: 791 Admin. Mgmt. of Pharmacy Practice: 820

Just wanted to thank you for the lectures and notes.