For U.T. Austin preharmacy students, single parents & U.S. veterans

We want to help out U.T. prepharmacy students, single moms (and dads), and vets who are stuggling financially to afford our course. Therefore, if you are a single parent (no child support/alimony), U.S. veteran (current or honorably discharged), or prepharmacy student at U.T. Austin, we will ship you our book, free of charge. All you have to do is register for the Online Videoconference Course. Then, print out a copy of your receipt and mail it to us with a copy of your W-2, U.T. report card, or U.S. millitary I.D. as proof of eligibility (just mark out private information such as ID numbers with a black marker). We invite you to hurry as we have a limited number of alloted free books to give away. We invite you to Join Now.